Da3dalus Designs, LLC


My goal is to join a robust design team in which I can play a critical role, to complement and grow in a diverse architectural environment, and to apply my skills in technology, art, and construction to the betterment of the Sonoran Desert Community.

The reasons I was drawn to architecture are the same skills I cherish today: I consider myself a talented artist, I have a strong command of technology and engineering, and I possess the blood of a carpenter.

I believe that I can offer a broad arsenal of talents to your organization.  By nature, I can change proverbial hats as your needs dictate.  Coordinating design teams to writing proposals; analyzing codes to 3D modeling; master planning to performing field administration, I am equally comfortable in all areas of the business.   However, I have always been client oriented, believing that a job well done is the best marketing strategy.  Communication is critical, and facilitating it is my forte.

A career atmosphere requiring me to reinvent and adapt to professional needs is my prime environment. My intense attention to detail allows me to learn quickly and generate a quality product.  Whether it be construction, BIM, presentation or production, I believe I can excel in a swiftly changing office or studio.

I trust I have painted a picture of an ambitious and talented Architect and a potential asset to your organization. As a well-rounded individual in a rapidly fluctuating job market, I feel confident in approaching nearly any set of responsibilities.  It is my sincere hope that you will also envision a future with me on your team.

A Designer for All Seasons

Charles W. Kottka, Jr.


Project Manager

BIM Consultant

Member AIA

Phoenix, Arizona

p 602.499.4111